games to play when bored on google

games to play when bored on google: To save you from boredom, Google offers some interesting games which you can play directly in your browser. Here are some such games which you can easily play by searching on Google.

games to play when bored on google

Google Doodles Games

Google Doodles, which appear on Google’s homepage on special occasions, also often come in the form of games. By playing these games you can get new and fun experiences. Some popular Google Doodles games include Pac-Man, Cricket, Snake, and Halloween games.


By searching Solitaire in Google you can see that you can play Solitaire game in the browser. This is a classic card game that sharpens your brain and makes boring time less interesting.


Tic-Tac-Toe is a simple and entertaining game which you can play by searching Google in your browser. This game is played between two players and tests strategy and planning.


You can play a virtual piano by searching “Piano” on Google. This way you can enjoy playing your favorite songs and improving your musical skills.


Pac-Man is an iconic arcade game which you can play directly by searching in Google. In this game you have to collect coins and escape from the ghosts in a small maze.

Google Feud

Google Feud is a trivia game in which you have to guess the answers to popular search queries. This game provides you knowledge along with entertainment.

Last words

By searching these games on Google, you can play them directly in your browser and overcome boredom. The simple and engaging gameplay of these games doubles the fun of your entertaining time.

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