How to Lock Apps in Samsung

How to Lock Apps in Samsung: Locking apps in Samsung smartphones has become very important these days, especially when we have personal or sensitive data in our phone. If you also want to lock apps in your Samsung phone, then this guide is for you. Here, we will understand step-by-step how to lock apps in Samsung phones.

How to Lock Apps in Samsung

Samsung Secure Folder

Secure Folder feature is available in Samsung smartphones, through which you can lock your apps and store them in an encrypted environment. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Secure Folder app.
  • Sign in with your Samsung account or create a new account.
  • Now, add the apps under Secure Folder which you want to lock.
  • After moving apps to Secure Folder, you can lock them and set a password to access them.

App Lock by Third-Party Apps

There are many third-party apps available for Samsung smartphones that provide the facility to lock apps. Some popular apps include:

  • AppLock: This is a popular app lock app that provides you multiple locking options, like PIN, pattern, fingerprint, and face unlock.
  • Norton App Lock: Norton’s app lock is also a good option, which provides you advanced security features.
  • Smart AppLock: This is also an easy-to-use app lock, which gives you customizable locking options.
  • You can download and install these apps from Google Play Store and then lock your apps.

Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is an enterprise-level security platform, but it can also be used for personal use. Through Knox you can lock your apps and take advantage of additional security features. Follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings and tap on “Biometrics and Security”.
  • Tap on “Secure Folder and Knox” and enable Knox.
  • To lock apps through Knox, use Secure Folder.

Samsung Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi feature is available in some models of Samsung, which provides you the convenience of VPN. By using this VPN you can lock your apps, especially when you use public Wi-Fi. To use this feature follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Settings and tap on “Connections”.
  • Tap on “More Connection Settings” and tap on “VPN”.
  • Enable Secure Wi-Fi and connect VPN.
  • Now, all internet activities on your phone will be secure, including apps.

Last words

By using this method you can lock apps in your Samsung smartphone and keep your data safe. By using each method you can enhance your privacy and security.

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